I'm sorry about the friend request because you're only an acquaintance

And it’s not innate; the baby in the pram stares at

Maybe the system thinks we're already friends because we follow each other on Xbox One but because that system doesn't have Friends despite the confusing labelling of

If you’re reading this expecting some kind of insight into moving on from grief, then I’m sorryThis could be that friend of a friend she met once, a former classmate or maybe even a loosely extended colleagueFrankly I'm all for government spyingOkay, help me, I'm such a titHey guys, here's an update on what's been happening

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I’m sorry, My fault, I forgot you were an Idiot" In the following days, even a passing meeting guaranteed that a friend requestIf you’re talking about that feature where you can’t friend someone, and you can only message them, then it means that person is an arrogant jerk & if you like that sortI'm asking this because I receive a lot of friend requests everyday, but I know that there's a moment in which if someone clicks on your "add as friend" a pop-up willPersonally I only use facebook to keep in contact with really close friends & familyDear _____, Natural beauty is what you call me