Gold value history chart

"Gold is a precious metal that has been used throughout history as both a currency and a store of value

Just shared it for others who might find it interesting as well since it did seem (to me) relevant to the kind of business we're involved in nowThis is due to many factors such as scarcity of the metal and exchange rates

Likewise, the market sat near historic lows in 1932 and 1980 as the ratio hit bottomThere are only 3 occasions (2008, 2010 and 2011) when gold has beaten nifty returns on a yearly basisDaily Gold Price HistoryGold Price History

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Kerala Gold Price Charts Following are links to pages of daily price chart, monthly price chart, yearly price chart, list of old daily price chart pages, archives from November 2009 when gold price started going up very quicklyThe graphical chart representation also indicates the more commonly used Gold price in $/ounce